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#19825 - 10/10/02 04:06 PM Undigested food in droppings
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I have a hen that has been having very watery poop like in the hot weather. It hasnt been hot so she shouldn't be drinking to cool heself. With closer inspection I've found pieces of grass that are intact and pieces of cracked corn that look unchanged in the droppings. Her comb looks just a bit dull compared to the others but not by much. She has bright eyes, eats well ( she is the Fat Hen from earlier post) ,has better feathers than most, the vent looks normal other than the feathers below it are messy from the runny stuff, and acts normal for her. I havent seen a normal dropping from her for several days and she hasn't laid in awhile but is molting and the days are shorter so that could account for not laying. None of the others have this problem. Any thoughts?


#19826 - 10/10/02 06:03 PM Re: Undigested food in droppings

First thing I would try is worming and make sure she has access to
plenty of grit.

#19827 - 10/11/02 04:45 AM Re: Undigested food in droppings

Most of the bulk of poultry droppings is undigested food - even in healthy birds. The figure I remember right now is more than 65% of the dry mass of droppings is undigested food. Confinement layer facilities collect the droppings and feed them back to the hens for this reason. An aquaintence of mine worked in a corporate confinement facility and was astonished at this practice. I am uncertain of the manure processing before it is mixed back in with the feed, so I can't comment on that.

My points are: 1) confinement facilities often employ 'unnatural' and inhumane practices, and 2) just because you notice some undigested food in the poop, doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with the bird.

#19828 - 10/14/02 04:22 AM Re: Undigested food in droppings
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Leee, they also put poultry manure in dairy rations frown .


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