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#19889 - 02/12/04 06:05 PM Thrush

I've had continual problems with mild vent gleet and thrush because of yeast that has suddenly become prevalent in my area. I have lost one hen to a rather unstoppable case of thrush that caused internal lesions. I now have another with a fairly bad case of oviduct thrush, and the only medicine i can find for it is copper sulfate, which is not avalaible in my area. Some ideas would be great?

#19890 - 02/16/04 07:42 AM Re: Thrush

This is just a guess, and I'm sure I will be duly corrected if I'm wrong, but with humans my doctor always suggests using yoghurt as a topical application as the first treatment, and eating it is also good for intestinal thrush. I have used it mixed in with feed for my chickens regularly - they love it. Now this may not be appropriate at the moment as yours seem to have a heavy dose of the bug, and they may need some systemic remedy from the vet., but you may find it helpful as a preventative after they have recovered somewhat. Hope this is of some help.

#19891 - 02/16/04 08:23 PM Re: Thrush
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If what Broody Hen says is true about the yogurt, you can get the product in powder form to mix in feed. It is called Probias. It should be available in most feed and farm stores, pet stores etc. It is relatively inexpensive and extremely beneficial. Of course the real thing is the best but some birds may not redily eat it in the natural form. Good Luck and believe me, if there is help for your beasties, the fellows to help are on this web.
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#19892 - 02/23/04 11:28 AM Re: Thrush

Thrush is nothing but a yeast infection caused by
Candida albicans (common in the environment). Use
Monistat or other products used for infections in
humans. Gently apply in the vent and surrounding
areas daily.


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