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#20070 - 11/25/04 07:39 AM injured chicken

Hi everyone ... I'm pretty new at this stuff so I hope you can tell me what you'd do in this situation. Two of my 5-month-old free-range NH Reds squeezed themselves into a very tight, dark spot three days ago and got stuck. We thought they had been scooped up by some critter, after searching and not finding any trace of them. This morning my dog was sniffing diligently at the opening of the space and I discovered the girls -- one dead, one alive, but with a wing that seems injured, and she's unable to stand.

I've put her in a dog crate lined with shavings, with food and water. She's now pulled the wing in close to her, and she's eaten and had some water. Anything else I should do? Should I put the crate in the coop this evening so that she can be with the other birds, or keep her in our house where it's warmer?

And yes, we've put up a pen for the birds since these two "disappeared."

Thanks for any and all advice!

#20071 - 11/25/04 08:48 AM Re: injured chicken

Greetings Girl-
Welcome to The Classroom, even under these circumstances.
Everything I have read and experienced tells me you've done things right so far.
Personally I would not put her back with the others until she's had more time to either mend or show more serious signs.
You could increase vitamins and especially electrolytes to help combat the effects of the dehydration she has experienced. Although she is drinking water, she may need the extra 'boost'. There is a suppliment 'Vita-Tone' you can add to her water. Or there's is a receipe in Damerow's Health Book: 1/3 teasp Salt Substitute, 1/2 teasp Baking Soda, 1 teasp salt, 1qt water. Mix these and replace her drinking water with it.

Keep her warm, well ventilated, and clean. Time will tell, but it is amazing how delicately resilient chickens can be.


#20072 - 11/25/04 08:53 AM Re: injured chicken
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I would keep her in where its warm for now. She is dehydrated and in shock. Probably no place open today but I would get some poultry vitamins to add to her water. For today you could add some sugar to her water. 3 Tablespoons sugar to a quart of water. Let her eat and drink on her own, dont try to force her. Let us know how she does. Good Luck and welcome to the Coop!


#20073 - 11/25/04 05:24 PM Re: injured chicken

Thanks so much, TC and Bill. She's in our nice warm furnace room and although she's staying very quiet, seems alert enough; each time I check on her, she's moved to a different corner of the crate. We're hopeful! First thing tomorrow, I'll get ahold of some poultry vitamins.


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