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#20641 - 02/05/06 06:36 PM torn rooster wattle
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Had roos together, separated for breeding and when put back together had a turf war. Much damage. Blood everywhere, awful mess.

The australorp has a wattle ripped in half lengthwise. It now is hanging and dangling down his chest. It won't stop bleeding. It catches on things and he steps on it when he bends over to eat. I have him separated as this flopping bit of flesh would bring out the cannibal in the other chickens.

At this stage too much time has passed and stitching won't work. I am thinking I will have to cut it off (gag) but the thought of taking a scissors out there (gag) is making me gag. And then how would I stop that bleeding?

Soon some roosters will have to be dispatched, but I wanted injured australorp to breed a few more hens before his time was up. But I think it would be awful to put him with hens and watch them eat his face, which is what they will do. What should I do with this hanging, flapping wattle? Cutting it seems cruel. Leaving it to be stepped on at feeder and water seems just as bad. I am uncertain how to proceed.

#20642 - 02/05/06 07:52 PM Re: torn rooster wattle
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hi. im not sure either but my dad is in the military and he said that they use super glue on injured soldiers. you could also use a steptic stick to stop the bleeding or alum powder. we used a steptic stick to stop a dog from bleeding once. alum worked better though. just some ideas. hope this helps you with your dilema.

#20643 - 02/05/06 08:38 PM Re: torn rooster wattle
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I'm think that the best solution might be to 'dub' his wattle. Sure it will hurt but once it is done it won't hurt anymore and the problem will go away (once it stops bleeding). Sorry.

I know why I don't keep roosters.



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