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#20665 - 07/31/02 05:55 AM Vent question

I'm new at this, so excuse anything that sounds foolish.
We recently started to get eggs. They were very small and very light brown, bantam most likely. We have one that was supposed to be laying when we got her and it took a few weeks to see an egg. It showed up during the worst heat.
Yesterday In the worst heat) I found two brown eggs together with a bit of blood smear on them. Looked unlike the first eggs. So I figured that one of the standards was starting to lay. laugh
I read that you should check the vents and you could tell who it might be that was laying.
Well they all looked about the same. One was larger than the others, but she is also older and bigger than the others. One had..well.. how to put this delicately...she seemed to have more "fluid" in her vent and area surrounding it. eek It has been terribly hot and she was upset being caught. Is this "slimey stuff" that happens before laying (as a lubricant), some thing after an egg is layed or do a have a heat sick bird?? confused They always have water and shelter from the sun. Any ideas?? Thanks for your help!!

#20666 - 07/31/02 06:29 AM Re: Vent question

From 'Chickens in Your Backyard' by Rick and Gail Luttmann...
A laying hen can be identified by her soft, deep abdomen; large, moist vent; and pubic bones that are wide apart...
so, I would say that you found the girl that laid the egg!


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