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I have some beautiful Kahki Campbell ducks here that are spectacular layers! I love them! Anyway, a few years ago we had let a lot of our birds run together so we could hatch some mixes to sell for meatbirds. We hatched several birds and one of the drakes we hatched looked like a blue kahki campbell only somewhat heavy for the breed. His parents were either a silver and white or blue and white Ancona drake and a welsh harlequin or kahki campbell hen. SO I was thinking about breeding some blue KC's and have seen them at shows, but would I have to use a Splash (silver) duck or a solid blue duck. I was thinking KC's are the same as BLACK so in order to get all blues I would have to find a splash runner or something like that to use wouldn't I? Just wondering. Probably won't actually try it but I was thinking about it.

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Blue in ducks act the same way as blue in fowl

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It's years since I messed with duck genetics.
I think you'll find if you crossed to a Blue Swedish you'd get in the region of 50% blue offspring from a first cross, though I think the white bib from the Swedish would also be present.
If you wanted to get the dark parts of a Kahki Campbell to be blue leaving the lighter parts still brown a first cross with a Saxony would achieve this.
These would only work as a first cross & wouldn't breed true.
Hopefully, if I've misremembered, someone will correct me.

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If you add blue to a khaki campbell duck you would get a kind of buff orpington duck color, although they have additional "buff dilution".

Blue in duck behaves different in the presence/absence of "extended black". In a unicolor duck (=extended black) a double dose blue becomes very light (splash) whereas in a non extended black / mallard type duck it is just a little lighter.

You know about my duck genetic calculator? wink


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