Hi there.

As per the topic question, specific to Wyandottes.

I have some offspring from this season that are eb/eWh. There is a possibilty that some of them are even eWh/eWh (from a particular cross I made for interests sake only). Now these chicks are 7/8 wyandotte and for all intents and purposes, Wyandottes (if I didnt tell you they had 1/8 RIR mixed in you wouldnt know).

Now, given there base colour pattern is Blue Laced Gold, and that they exhibit all the genes for this, Pg/Ml/Co, Mh, Di, Ar, and possibly rb, I am interested in knowing what colours and patterns can be best made on eWh, and are these prodigy useful in creating anything special?

Before I cull them, i want to know if they are useful to anyone trying to create a colour in wyandottes that needs eWh. Or if I should drop everything and concentrate on something new on eWh....

Patch - eb/eWh?

Skye - eWh/eWh ??