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#2807 - 07/17/02 08:54 AM Vitamins

I have a questions about vitamins. When do you start using them and why? Is it because of a deficiency or just regular practice? Thanks in advance!

#2808 - 07/17/02 09:00 AM Re: Vitamins
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I don't use them except as something I put in the water for chicks to two weeks old. The hens lay eggs and the eggs hatch. But, if there is something that I am overlooking, then I hope that someone clues me in.

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If your chickens can get to fresh greenery, then you should be fine vitamin-wise. Chicks don't eat greens for the first 2 weeks, but they will do as they mature. In fact you'll know when they do by the grass fiber-stands in their droppings.

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I sometimes use vitamins with chicks to give them a little boost, particularly if they were shipped!

Beyond that, I reserve vitamins for stress situations, injuries, illnesses, extra time cooped up in winter....that sort of thing.


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Thank you! smile

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a couple of spoons of kelp meal in their diet is an excellent source of vitamins and other nutrients. It even seems to enhance the egg quality of my totally free ranging birds. Each morning I feed them 1L of wet mash, that contains a tablespoon or so of kelp meal.

Although most of my flock are 10 week chicks on a grower diet, I also have 5 adult araucana's of last year's hatch that I recently bought off another. They were also free ranged at their last address. My main focus has been the chicks and therefore they are getting grower feed instead of lay pellets. For some strange reason, despite the improper feed source, the egg production has improved when I expected it to be dropping off. The egg shells have thickened, yolks darkened, size increased and the laying has become more regular. Well except for the one that went broody, haha. Not sure what to attribute the unexpected improvements, but I don't dismiss the importance of the kelp meal.
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I use a water additive called avian charge that has kelp as the bulk ingredeant as well as fish oils and garlic and a few other things. I've seen an improvement in egg production and feathering. Good old sea weed might be it!? It turns the water black and smelly. So the chickens just love it. Better than a mud puddle laugh



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