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#3356 - 07/29/02 10:08 AM Opinions needed re: vacation
Unregistered chicks are now about 5 weeks old and still inside. The outside coop should be done next weekend, but in 3 weeks we leave for vacation. I have house sitters who will be at the house to feed them and tend to them, but these people have no chicken experience so to say. My dilemma is this, should I:
1. ..keep them inside until after vacation, it's a garage size room, climate controlled, and a pen that I can be doubled or trippled if needed. This way I would be assured of their safety, but they will be 8 weeks of age that week and typically chicks are outside at 6 weeks.
2. ..put them outside when the coop is done but bring them in for vacation. My worry is the double change of environment will cause stress and result in pecking problems.
3. ...just put them outside and hope for the best. With only 2 possible weeks before hand outside in a new coop I worry about my unknown peditor situation and my sitters ability to know what to do should problems evolve.
Any thoughts on the matter will help greatly! I have been stressing on the decion myself. Being new and not knowing how important getting them outside at 6 weeks of age is, I welcome any thoughts. I will be 8 hours away and want to get some relaxation in, although I think I will worry regardless! confused

#3357 - 07/29/02 11:02 AM Re: Opinions needed re: vacation
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Jennifer, First of all there is no age by which chicks should be outside. I hatch all year around and winter chicks never get outside at all--sometimes are 4 or 5 months old before they ever set foot on the ground! Having sufficient room, ventilation, is the important thing, so birds are not crowded--and if cockerels are not behaving, then they must be separated from the pullets. Yours will possibly not have that problem by 8 weeks. There is no special stress by being inside or outside--do not worry about that part. My birds may be outside every nice day and inside when is is rainy or stormy--or if I am going to be away. I do not leave my birds outside when I am gone!!!! You simply have to decide what is best for your little birds--but 6 weeks is no magic age--some babies are out earlier and some much later and any age is "best", if conditions are right. Having space, ventilation, food, water, and a good roosting site are all birds will need while you are away. Good luck and not to worry! CJR

#3358 - 07/30/02 06:45 AM Re: Opinions needed re: vacation

Thank you! I feel better. I want to keep them in for safety reasons but I was worried about altering their developement in some way. I never even thought about chicks in the winter months! That's a relief...I really depend on this site to answer these silly questions. Books are great but they are only so helpful! smile

#3359 - 07/30/02 09:27 PM Re: Opinions needed re: vacation
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Hi Jennifer,
I definitely agree with's most likely best to keep your chicks inside as long as they have all the items listed by CJR. There's no point in having your concern about the chicks' safety spoil your trip. I assume that your housesitters or some designate will keep the space, water and food clean.
Best regards.


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