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#34965 - 05/03/07 02:56 PM Need Help With Ginger Genetics

I know somewhat about Ginger and how it is based on Db not Co, but I won't discuss what I do know. I need some help on what I do not know if anyone cares to offer some knowledge. I am trying to sort out Db Gingers in a flock that also carries Co and e+. Here are my questions.

What other genes can be carried on the same locus with Db?

Is Co carried on the same locus or a different one? In other words can a bird be pure for Db and Co too? Or perhaps a bird could be Db/Db on one locus and Co/e+ on another?

Can Mahogany be carried on the same locus with any of these or is it on a diffent one?

I need to know which of these genes mentioned can be carried on the same locus and which ones are on separate locus.

If a bird carries both Db and Co which will be more dominant in the phenotype?

Db Gingers are usually more rich and lustrous colored than Co/e+ ones, but can Mahogany be carried in tandem with Co/e+ thus producing a richer Ginger that looks more like a Db Ginger?

Thanks in advance.

#34966 - 05/03/07 03:16 PM Re: Need Help With Ginger Genetics
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doug go to this site. it will help you heaps.

#34967 - 05/03/07 05:55 PM Re: Need Help With Ginger Genetics
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I am watching this, as I have Gingers and Blue Gingers, females only, and I know the Co is in the mix. They are lovely and I have 2 new Red Ginger chicks, both females. Books are not definite, but give possibilities. I do not believe my birds have Db or Mh. I keep them because they are such great setters. Will see if I can get some pictures together. Ginger OEGB birds, pictures taken at a show, were very dark and didn't photograph well. OEGB Club website has them pictured a little better. CJR

#34968 - 05/04/07 10:06 AM Re: Need Help With Ginger Genetics

Thanks but I found nothing about(Db) on that link. Can you give me a link to the specific page of the site?

We know that if Db and e+ are on separate locus then correct Gingers are often probably Db/e+. What phenotype will a bird be that is Db eb? Can it be a Ginger too?

This makes me realize that something that I think would be very helpful to many poultry genetic enthusiasts is a chart listing separate locus positions, and next to each different locus, have all the possible alleles that could be present on each locus. Some of us know just enough to confuse us about the parts we don't know.

#34969 - 05/04/07 10:18 AM Re: Need Help With Ginger Genetics
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Hi Doug,
Go to feathersite and look at the Golden Pencilled Hamburgh Male. That is eb and Db.
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#34970 - 05/04/07 10:24 AM Re: Need Help With Ginger Genetics

Sorry. I ended up finding much more info on that site. Thanks very much.

Hey does anyone have pictures of chicks showing the difference between Co e+ down color compared to a Db e+ down color?


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The only thing that can be on the same locus as Db, being an allele, is db+, the wildtype allele of the gene.

If you mean on the same chromosome (linkage):
Ml, Cha, Db, Pg

Even if there is linkage recombinations can occur.


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