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#35381 - 08/19/02 04:59 AM Which Rooster Should I Use?

I have 2 splash, 2 black, 1 white, and 1 buff Silkie hens. I have white, black, buff Silkie roosters. I only have room for one rooster. If I keep a black Silkie rooster and mate it with the white, can I get blue silkies? My splash and black Silkies were what I got when I ordered blue. If I keep a black rooster, what would I get breeding him with the splash?

Any ideas on which is the best to keep are appreciated. The chicks won't be shown; are for home enjoyment but would like to make the best informed choice possible.

#35382 - 08/19/02 05:50 AM Re: Which Rooster Should I Use?
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White Silkies are usually recessive white and can be any color under the white. You can't tell what you will get in a black X White cross. I'd expect mostly black progeny.

Black X blue splash will give you all blues.
blbl X BlBl give you all Blbl blues

Black X buff will give you mostly black birds with some color possible in the hackles shoulders and saddles.

#35383 - 08/20/02 07:43 AM Re: Which Rooster Should I Use?

Make your decision based on something other than color. Which rooster is healthier? Which is willing to breeed? Which has better temperament? Which is closer to the silkie standard?
Regarding color; anything bred to buff in silkies seems to always result in a bird with the front 1/3 buff(ish) and the back 2/3 blue or black or partridge.
I've never had trouble keeping multiple silkie roosters together that were raised together. Good luck!

#35384 - 08/20/02 11:08 AM Re: Which Rooster Should I Use?

Thanks to you both! I can only keep one rooster because of space. They all get along. I really want some blue Silkies, so I'm going to keep one of the black roosters. One of each color had all the desirable traits, so I couldn't just pick by that.


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