I've been away from the forum for a couple months. Just too busy with all the chicks and the rest of life. I also wanted to get pictures up on a Web site. Well, I have pictures in public albums on PICASA. I've been able to go to the link; let's see if you folks can get there:



There are two relevant albums. One of my breeding projects has been crossing a GLWyandotte cock with CoWyandotte hens to eventually produce true breeding, good Buff Columbian Wyandottes. The album with these pics show some GLWxGLW to compare to the GLWxCoW. Then there are chicks from the GLWxCoW cross at different ages. These are not all the same chicks. They come from 3 different hatches, but all the hatches are similar.

The cockerels are silver - there are some pictures there just for fun.

I'm presuming that the pullets I want to keep are the ones with the cleanest bodies. Most of the pullets are are very dark "golden" certainly not buff. I presume because the parents have "Mh" as well as the "s" gene. There are a few pullets that are a very light sort of lemony body color. I plan to keep both some darker and some lighter pullets.


The second project is breeding Blue Wyandottes. I have crossed a Black Wyandotte cock with light Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hens (blue band on chicks) and a light BLRW cock with Black Wyandotte hens (green bands on chicks). The resulting chicks look pretty much the same. As the cockerels have matured, they are showing some straw color in the hackles and some blotches of red on the body. The pullets are growing up pretty much without the other colors coming through. I expect that no matter which birds I keep, the F2 will be "colorful" as lacing and red come out.

All of these have only 1 "bl" gene. However, the body colors vary a lot from a fairly light gray to much darker. Many have essentially black necks. Would this be because the black parent (cock or hen) has multiple melanotic genes - more than one locus?

So which birds do I select for the F2?


Thanks for any input. I very much look forward to hearing from folks.