I was able to obtain a slightly used Brower incubator for this hatching season and up until a few days ago everything was right on the money. Temp and humidity were where they were suppose to be. The incubator was full of eggs and they are all in their second week (days 9-10). Now I am having trouble keeping a constant temperature and the light will not stay on for any length of time, continues to flash. I can adjust to keep the temp in the ballpark of 99.5, but shouldn't have to if all is working right. I am wondering if the temperature regulator is going bad. For those of you that have used Browers before does this sound like the regulator is going on the fritz or is it normal for the light to continue to flash and the temp to fluctuate. The incubator is in a heated basement, away from windows or drafts or other heat sources so I don't know what has changed in the environment to make the thing go off. Thanks.