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#41862 - 06/21/03 04:44 PM Can 2 hens hatch eggs at the same time?

We have 2 hens in separate boxes sitting on 2 separate batches of eggs, that should hatch any day. My question is should everything go okay? Will they take care of each others chicks or will they hurt each others chicks? They are like I said in separate boxes but in the same pen. Really just want to know if I will need to separate the hens once the chicks have hatched??

Thanks, Steph smile

#41863 - 06/21/03 04:57 PM Re: Can 2 hens hatch eggs at the same time?
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My experience tells me; seperate the hens or they will fight and chicks are lost.

#41864 - 06/24/03 07:00 PM Re: Can 2 hens hatch eggs at the same time?
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I agree...put each hen with her chicks in a pen away from other chickens. Use very small wire
as tiny chicks can squeeze out and get lost or
killed. Make sure the they can't drown in the waterer.
Another option is to take them away from the hen
as they hatch and put them in a brooder with a heat lamp and YOU mother and care for them.
After the first couple hatch put hen and chicks
in said pen if you wait too long chicks will fall
out of nest box get too cold and die.
Hope this helps. I have learned above info the hard way. Good luck. Bobbette

#41865 - 06/25/03 12:45 PM Re: Can 2 hens hatch eggs at the same time?

I don't know if I just got lucky, but I had a similar situation - 2 hens with 5 eggs each, due to hatch at the same time, in nest boxes in my henhouse. They each hatched out 4 chicks. I moved one family to a dog house in the chicken yard, put the other in a straw nest in the corner of the henhouse (on the floor) and held my breath. By the second or third day, they were all free-ranging with the rest of the flock. Chicks are now almost three weeks old, and the two families are ALWAYS hanging out together, the two hens seem to share chick-tending duties, and now one of the hens has started sleeping back up in the nest box (as if she expects her chicks to join her up there), leaving all 8 chicks to sleep with the other hen. But, during the day, the chicks seem to know which hen is 'mom', and everyone is getting along great. I think a lot depends on how much space they have, and mine have lots. Good luck with yours!


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