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#41926 - 02/07/07 01:08 PM ~HELP!~ brooding questions

i have a nice wheaten OEGB trio in a breeding cage right now and one of the pullets has started laying. is it a "sure thing" that they'll go broody after they lay their clutch? once they start to set, i'd like to seperate them and put them in their own little one-hen brooders with nest box to set. will they continue to set after being moved or will the change make them lose interest? i know nothing's written in stone but what can i more than likely expect? thanks for any advice

#41927 - 02/07/07 01:42 PM Re: ~HELP!~ brooding questions
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That's right, nothing written in stone--most OEGB are known as terrific setters. Before moving, it is good to let them set on one or several unimportant eggs for a couple of days TO BE SURE, before moving--Nest and All--at night--out of sight and hearing of their comfortable pen!!!Then eggs can be exchanged for the ones you want to hatch! Darkened area is good. USUALLY it works with no problems, once they they are "attached" to their nest (and any eggs), most often all goes
well. Good luck. CJR

I use cardboard boxes for all my nests, small, hole cut in the side and just move hen and box to her setting location. Toss the box after hatch and start with fresh ones. I am a Grocery Store sleuth, for just the right size boxes, check every trip to the storeh and have to get them quick, before they are flattened. I like to add straw, close them up--with the hole in the side--nice dark and cozy!

#41928 - 02/07/07 01:44 PM Re: ~HELP!~ brooding questions

thanks for the reply. that sounds like great advice.

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Most bantams are excellent setters. I always keep extra hens just for that. I keep several plastic buckets with holes in the side for nesting.boxes.Once a hen starts to set I go out there at night pick up the bucket and move her wherever I want to and put whatever kind of eggs I want her to have.Very seldom have one that doesn"t go along with the plan. Hope this helps


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