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#42451 - 06/08/04 11:47 AM What should a brooder include/look like?

Do you guys have any ideas for builing your own brooder? this is for like 6 chicks. Thanks!

#42452 - 06/08/04 03:08 PM Re: What should a brooder include/look like?

A cardboard box - about 3'X3' would house them well for the first 4-6 weeks, then use a 60 or 90 watt bulb above them for warmth, just make sure its not so close that they can't stand it and not so far that they pile up on each other when they're under it.

Ideally, they should bed down under it laying right next to each other, making a little patch of feather carpet, then spend the day cruising the box, looking for stuff to peck at.

Another good option is the little kiddie wading pools, but beware that once the birds are about 2-3 weeks old, they'll jump/fly high enough to clear the sides, unless you cover it.

Some people use old stock watering tanks and some people use brooder guards, which is like a roll of flexible cardboard that makes a ring in which to brood the chicks. Here's a link for the latter...

I made my both of my brooders, the first was carboard boxes that I taped and stapled together into a ring, like the brooder guards. Now I have a 8' X 3', shallow wooden box that works for the first two weeks. By the third week, I cover it with a tall framed hood and move it outside, where they spend until 7 or 8 weeks of age.

Brooders are an easy thing to make yourself, but there's convenience in buying a over-the-counter product, too.


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