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#43887 - 01/04/03 08:30 AM Incubators for small flocks

I am wondering what kind of results others have had hatching with various brands or types of incubators. I have a Brower TH120 I hatched with last year. I have large eggs (New Hamps) which I turned by hand so I could get more eggs in the unit(about 45). It is easy to clean up when your done using it. I had about a 70% hatch rate with each of the 2 hatches I used it for. Some feedback on styrofoam, cabinet, or older metal brower still air units would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for all replies.

#43888 - 01/04/03 06:52 PM Re: Incubators for small flocks

hey ! i have some info for you, it is quite useful too !, i just gotta swing you by the coops and equipment forum ! go here ! it a post i put up asking for some advice on selecting incubators

Incubator Selection

#43889 - 01/05/03 07:24 AM Re: Incubators for small flocks
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I've only hatched twice and have a styrofoam unit with fan. I felt it did well, about 80%, but from what I've read (do a seach for incubators in this forum) the % goes down after a while with styrofoam. It would appear, as with most things, that the more you spend the better the incubator. For me $125 for unit with fan and auto turner was good enough, but if your hatching for profit or using rare eggs it would probably be money well spent to get a higher end unit. I'm not an experienced hatcher for sure but thought I would share what little I do know confused


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I have a 1926 Montgomery-Wards cabinet incubator and a 1930 Sears-Roebuck cabinet incubator. Each holds about 100 eggs in each tray with four trays per cabinet. I hatch the eggs in some old Brower's metal incubators (to keep the mess and filth to a minumum in the cabinet incubators) - the 100 egg capacity ones. My hatch rate varies but is usually around 85%, but you HAVE to keep everything clean and disinfected and I replace the wafers every year and the fan motors every two years. If I was buying brand-new, I'd go for a Dickey's or GQF cabinet or a Brinsea table-top. Good Luck.


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