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#44701 - 12/15/06 07:45 PM Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?

This morning I had a white cochin due at 21 days. But I've seen and heard nothing. Chick is still alive-- I candled and saw movement, and it seems to be radiating warmth.
I think I read somehere (not here-- I just finished digesting a ton of archives) that cochins are genetically dispositioned to take longer to hatch.
Could someone who has hatched lots of cochins confirm or deny this?

#44702 - 12/16/06 12:12 PM Re: Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?
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21 days is the norm for all chicken eggs to hatch. Variations are common and can be due to a number of things--not by breed. CJR

#44703 - 12/18/06 06:44 AM Re: Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?

I also read somewhere that any chicks that hatch after 21 days should be culled because late hatches could be genetically linked. Of course, unless you plan to breed the birds that come out of the eggs, this is assinine-- but I ws wondering if oyu though that was true, either?
I think that Cochin is waiting for the other cochins that are 6 days behind it. I heard its heartbeat last night with a stethoscope, it moved, it's warm and the air sack is perfect. The other cochins are beside it now at 18 days. I really do think it's waiting for them. It would make survival sense for the chick to wait, anyway.

#44704 - 12/18/06 07:13 AM Re: Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?
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If you're using an incubator, it could be that your temperature is a little lower than it should be (99.5). If so, that would explain the delay in hatching; it's taking longer for the chick to develop. When I bought my Dickey incubator, I did a test comparison between the hygrometer that came with it and one that I purchased from There was a 10 degree difference in the readings, so I'm using the one I bought from Cutler's Supply.
Rhea Dean

#44705 - 12/18/06 09:44 AM Re: Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?
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Its been my experience that Cochins are "lazier" in getting out of the shell. They simply seem to take their own sweet time. I've had both OE & Jap eggs in with cochins & both of them pop right out. The Cochins will pip at the same time, but have this "delsy" until they fineally make the effort. They always hatch on the same day, but normally 8 or so hours behind the others.
Chicks that hatch a day or so late can be attributed to many things. In most cases its because of improper temperatures during incubation
BUT, excessive handling (candling & fussing) during the hatching process will delay them also, so -STEP AWAY FROM THE INCUBATOR. Make sure temperature & humidity are correct & double check Humidity. It should be between 70 & 80% or 90-94 Degrees Wet Bulb.

#44706 - 12/20/06 06:18 PM Re: Do Cochins Generally Take Longer to Pip?

You pegged me, Bill. Excessive handling-- does candling every day count as excessive fussing? smile Now, they only leave the incubator for about 15-30 seconds, so it sholdn't delay them much, according to what I'v read. I simply CAN'T step away from the incubator-- it's like an embrology course-- maybe that's why so many first hatches go badly.
I think the particular Cochin egg I was thinking about is dead-in-shell (or something weird-- I can hear a heart beat but it DOES NOT look right-- this egg spent its first week in a still-air incubator and it was scorched at 104 and didn't die) but now I have a few others due tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best.
Humidity is constant at 73% (lowest: 63, highest:79) and temperature is 99.8. I have 1 hygrometer/thermometer which measures relative humidity (digital), and an analog humidity reader and two analog thermometers in there. I think SOMETHING has to be right smile The temperature has always been from 100-101 degrees in there, with an occasional 99.5-- but never lower.


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