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#45113 - 07/30/02 03:09 AM Re: Incubators
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Rob and graciel, that is interesting to know. My #2 son wanted to hatch on 'his own' so he got what he could afford. His hatching rate has been OK (about 60-70%, finally leaving the thing shut after the 18th day and keeping it away from drafts) but he spends alot of time manually rolling the eggs. I'll slip this tip to him and we'll see how it works. Thank you.

#45114 - 07/31/02 10:20 PM Re: Incubators

The thing I did to "turn" my eggs was to flat palm my hand and after marking x and o on either side of the eggs I just rolled the eggs around. On the 18th day is when I added more paper towels fully saturated with water and if I didn't live in a totally humid climate(Florida) I would have added a sponge or two to the incubator. I think that would help greatly and might I suggest do not keep your incubator in a room where the air conditioner is working overtime. That is one sure way to remove all the moisture from the air. Thats the job of the a/c you know. smile

#45115 - 08/12/02 11:25 AM Re: Incubators
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Oops! Just saw that people wondered about that turning style with the 2 x 4. I used it so the incubator was elevated with the long side, that is, it rested on the 2" side and went up in the air 4". And Aram, I held the eggs in either the LG turner that had quit working for me or else used a 36 egg plastic egg rack that would go into the larger cabinet incubators. I used both ways to hold the eggs with two different LG incubators. You could probably use this same method without an egg rack if the incubator was full, but it's much easier with a rack of some kind. This essentially is turning the eggs in the same manner the automatic turners turn the eggs. They just tip them from side to side. Hope that helps, and sorry I'm not timely with a response.


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