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#45142 - 12/03/05 09:06 PM HELP With Hatching My Eggs

I just put 41 eggs in my bator last sunday. Ijust candled them and 8 were clears, 25 were postive embryos and the rest i wasnt sure. The temp has been going up and down about a degree alot and i cant stabilize it. Do you guys think that even though the chicks are growing well they will be alittle off when they hatch? Are they even going to hatch? What do you guys think about the whole situation? Please answer!

#45143 - 12/04/05 09:27 PM Re: HELP With Hatching My Eggs


Are you using a digital thermometer? If you are, you sound like me. At first I would FREAK over a degree up or down, but I still have always had excellent hatches (I use a Little Giant, with the forced air option).

My 'bator came with an old fashioned "red liquid" temp gauge. I decided to use a digital, just for ease of reading. I also like "exacts". My temp will fluxuate up or down a degree, and I usually get 80-90%.

In nature temprature seldom stays the same anywhere from minute to minute (including your own body temp). Termometers of the past responded so slowly, you couldn't track miniscule changes like we can in the digital age. I bet if you stuck a digital probe under a chicken or duck and tracked it for 24 hours, you would see the same thing...up or down a degree, dependant on if the bird stands, shifts position, poops, gets up to eat and comes back, whatever.

Heck, a chicken will get up to eat for a few minutes, and suddenly the air temp will dictate the eggs' surroundings.

Relax, I shoot for 99 to 100.5...and as long as it moves slowly and steadily, I don't get concerned. I do like to keep it at 99 or above, but generally as long as it stays in that range, I don't fiddle with the temp control. It is like when the doctor said "when contractions are 8 minutes apart, go to the hospital" and my wife thought it would have to be EXACTLY 8 minutes...not 5 then 10 then 7 then 11. smile

I am sure I will have people argue my points, but as I said, with a 80-90% hatch record, it works for me. I think a true, constant "99.5" is a desirable goal but practically impossible, unless you have something more hi-tech and professional than the foam 'bators many of us use.



#45144 - 12/05/05 01:04 PM Re: HELP With Hatching My Eggs
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Andy I am with you, I use hovabators, as well as incubators I made myself. They are all circulated. My temperature is going from 99.5 -100.6 and I have gamefowl eggs in it at the moment. I will be adding more too it later tonight. Since its winter I dont leave the eggs outside too long, but I dont let them go to waste either when they are expensive breeds. My gamefowl costed me a lot of money since they were from proven show quality stock. I wouldnt dare leave and "Garry Gilliam Roundhead" Or "Racey Mugg" eggs in any nest during winter without trying to incubate them in the incubator. I have had some great fowl and I know its worth the try, but as Andy said. Dont worry as long as it stays in a range near that.
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#45145 - 12/06/05 06:39 PM Re: HELP With Hatching My Eggs

Iuse a old fashioned one. I dont have the money to get a digital. All i earn go to feed or family. Im not allowed to borrow money from my parents anymore. It sucks. But i can get a job in 11/2 years. Iwant to work at a feedstore or petstore!!!!


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