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#46907 - 08/01/05 10:40 AM What's with my hen?
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Well, halleluja, I got 4 chicks out of 4 eggs this weekend. I couldn't be happier about that. HOWEVER, there's always something. My hen won't get up. Several times over the last 21 days, I've cleaned up her poopy mess under her and cleaned her up. Now I'm cleaning up her chicks when they get in it. I removed the nest box because it's so difficult to clean and she's made a nest in the straw on the floor. It's safe because she and her 4 chicks are by themselves in a 5x5 enclosed pen in the garage. I've tried standing her up and I've moved her around some but she just flops down and won't get up. Are her legs just out of it from sitting on a nest for 3 weeks and it takes time to get the strength back in them? Does anyone know what I should do, if anything? I'm not around during the weekdays to keep her and her chicks cleaned up during the day. Is it normal for mama hens to not want to stand up or move around? confused

#46908 - 08/01/05 05:48 PM Re: What's with my hen?
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How old are the chicks? Has she walked at all since they hatched? Take her outside away from the coop and see if she will run back to the coop, if she does i wouldnt worry. Sit and watch her for a while if you have to. Make sure the chicks are eating and drinking though since mom isnt showing them how.

#46909 - 08/06/05 10:21 AM Re: What's with my hen?
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Hi Stickdog

Yes what lacey says is rather right, take her away from the coop and see if she runs back. What usually happens is, the hen still is under the impression that she is supposed to sit on the eggs for longer. I usually take my hens off their nests for 5min so that they can run eat and drink. Lucky my hens dont poop in their nest boxes, yours seems to be over dedicated to nesting. If you can over a weekend or tomorrow or today, take her and her babies out for a walk away from the nest. IF no more eggs are to hatch take away rotten eggs, give her a new clean nesting box. Usually if there are more eggs they will sit till they hatch. So take her out sometime this weekend and let her walk around with the babies. She may needs some time to get those legs un-stiff but time heals all. Goodluck and let us know what happens


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