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#47761 - 04/10/07 02:27 PM how long before she looks better?

i just had my first experience with a broody hen hatching chicks. how long does it normally take before her general health gets back to normal. red face and comb, etc

#47762 - 04/10/07 02:56 PM Re: how long before she looks better?
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Usually, a bird can return to normal looking status by 4 weeks. My birds usually take until 3 months to get looking like they are going to lay eggs. A red face and comb is the sign of a healthy, reproductive bird. She may have the pale face, wattles and comb for least until her reproductive cycle is starting back up.

Is she doing alright with the chicks??

Meant to add, it may take until her next molting cycle for her feathers to come back to the full glory that they once were. My goose molts each and every time she sets on eggs...dont' know why, but she does. My setting hens can have a few broody cycles inbetween molts.

#47763 - 04/11/07 03:17 AM Re: how long before she looks better?
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For normal health, you should see an improvement after a few weeks of regular feeding but some will moult while with their chicks which will make them look even more scruffy. As for getting back to laying, a general rule of thumb is that a hen will lose interest in her chicks when they are about 6 weeks old, so you can count on at least 9 weeks if you factor in the 3 weeks sitting. However in saying that I have a RIR whose chicks are now 24 weeks old (almost laying thenselves) and my RIR still shows no sign of recommencing laying. Guess it really comes down to the individual bird and what their hormones are doing in that case. :rolleyes:


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