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#48170 - 04/27/07 03:50 PM What type of incubator do you use?
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Just doing a bit of research and figure any feedback from here will be good. Please tell me what you use, and what you think of it.

#48171 - 04/27/07 04:12 PM Re: What type of incubator do you use?
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Hi coopslave,

I have a standard Little Giant still air (9200) with egg turner (6200). I have no major problems with it. Of course, like all such styrofoam incubators, you have to watch it fairly carefully, because it has a tendency to lose heat over time. But at least I've not had a problem with heat spikes.

These incubators are cheap and effective (if you are willing to put in the time monitoring them). This one holds a steady temp pretty well for up to three days without adjustment if the room temp is also steady. My hatch rate is just over 80% average. Last hatch was 90%. We'll see how this one goes. I've currently got 1 Columbian Rock in the brooder and another pipped in the incubator!

#48172 - 04/27/07 07:30 PM Re: What type of incubator do you use?
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I have used the still air hovabator for almost 20 years and had reasonable results. The main problem I had was keping the temps from fluctuating. I did not have to adjust it much but sometimes it would read 99.8 then other times it would be 102. I recently purchased one of the picture window hovabators with the fan and pre-set digital thermostat, plus the auto turner. I fell in love with it immediately. It came up to temp (101.4)in less than 20 minutes and stayed there! Over the last two weeks I have never seen a fluctuation of more that .4 degrees. I still use my still air as a hatcher (got some going now!) but would never part with my pre-set digital forced air model. It is well worth the money.


#48173 - 04/28/07 04:51 AM Re: What type of incubator do you use?
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I have a Dominc Black chick, incubator with fan and auto turner. I used it twice last season. First hatch was disappointing, partly because half the eggs were duds. Second hatch very successful after taking good advice to "dry hatch" instead of battling to keep the humidity at recommended levels. I used available humidity from within the laundry until day 18 when I cranked it up.

I do not know if you have this brand in Aussie, but a friend who has a very big, Black chick brand, recommended it and I am very happy with it. Mine is just a 12 egg model. (SI 12 MTA)
Here's a link to show you how they look. Dominc Black Chick


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