I have a duck, Jezibelle, who must be a little bit confused because she is setting on a nest of eggs, and in Idaho it doesn't seem like with this kind of weather she should be setting. Our lows have been around 6 to 35 degrees and our highs around 15 to 40 degrees. They live in a wood pen during the night with a heat lamp and straw on the floor, and then during the day they come outside either in their enclosed chicken wire pen or they go out to the back ditch and try to find an open spot to get in the water. I didn't notice she had a nest in there cause she put it in the back corner and would cover it up with straw before I would let them out in the mornings. I know that during the day while she was laying these eggs she would leave them all day to go swim out back or wander around, although she had them covered up. I want to candle them but she is setting on them and every time I put my hand in to get near them my male, Gus, tries to bite and hisses at me and now Jezibelle does too. Is it possible these eggs will still hatch? I don't know that having babies while it's this cold outside is a good idea....Also if they do hatch, do I need to remove Gus or will he be okay to leave in with the babies? Thanks.