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#48637 - 06/28/05 09:57 AM Broody Chickens and Hot days

I have two Orpingtons that went broody last week. About three days ago I gave them some viable eggs to hatch. The weather around here is getting pretty hot, mid 90's, and I've noticed one of the girls panting. I'm wondering if I should break them of their broodiness due to the heat. I don't want them to be miserable on the nest all day. It would be fun to have some mother hens but not at the expense of their health. Iím going out of town next week so if Iím going to break their cycle I need to do it now. Any advice would be appreciated.


#48638 - 06/28/05 11:25 AM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days

its not easy to make them unbroody panting is how they cool down if at all possible place a fan in a window to circulate some air as for there health i have vever had a problem with them setting when its hot just make sure they have fresh water place a waterer near were there setting if possible. hope this helps

#48639 - 06/28/05 11:49 AM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days
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I have to have a big fan blowing, the coop has 3 windows, but very hot. I use the lids off of the laundry soap bottles, fill them with water and put in the corner of all the nest I have hens in. They really appreciate it. I also add a pinch of vit/electrolites.

#48640 - 06/28/05 04:58 PM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days
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You can freeze water bottles and put those in the nests. It works well when transporting chickens, dogs, etc.

#48641 - 06/28/05 08:30 PM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days
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Wait, do mean actually putting the frozen water bottles into the nest...with the eggs? Wouldn't that harm the incubation process? Our coop is completely closed except for the enter/exit hole for the hens and roosters to lay and sleep in. The hens pant to cool down, but you probably already know that. If you take the hens off of the nests they will be in distress and that could cause even more harm when you're gone. I would leave them on the nests and let them have access to the water in the coop. That should be enough to keep them cool. They should really be fine if you have a fan going and water in the nesting area.

#48642 - 07/12/05 05:57 PM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days

Thanks for everyone's replies! I have let them sit for two weeks now and they are doing just fine. There are three broody girls now. Another one went broody a couple of days ofter I wrote this message. They are very cute all in a row sitting on their eggs. They even take their afternoon break at the same time. Kind of makes them look like they are sitting in their cubicles all day and then taking their breaks around the water cooler. I can't wait for the chicks to arrive.

Thanks again!

#48643 - 07/12/05 10:59 PM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days
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Please watch them when they go back to their nests. Just when all is going well, one may climb in the nest WITH another hen and leave her eggs. Don't ask why? It is just something that is not unusual at all. Best of luck with these setting hens! CJR

#48644 - 07/13/05 07:41 AM Re: Broody Chickens and Hot days

I'll do that. I'm not working right now so I usually go out a few times a day to see how things are going in the coop. So far I haven't noticed anything like that happening but if I do I'll correct it immediatly. They are so fat...I'm not sure two could fit in one nest! I have seen two of my smaller breed 'Easter Eggers' do that before. The one on the bottom looked very annoyed. I thought it was kind of funny...


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