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#49104 - 01/25/05 04:18 PM Barred Rocks

hello, does any body out there have barred rocks? I have 18 in my mixed flock I love them they are gentle and well mannerd not as agressive as the the RIR's just hoping to here from some other people with them thanks Ray

#49105 - 01/27/05 09:02 AM Re: Barred Rocks
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I used to have Barred Rocks. The hens were very doclie, and my rooster made a good pet 'till my brother started teasing him. Then he got aggressive and would chase people. But overall, I thought they were great.

#49106 - 02/08/05 11:44 AM Re: Barred Rocks
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We have 6 Barred Rocks and 9 RIRs. Both breeds are fairly gentle. We also have 4 Leghorns; they're definately more "flighty".

#49107 - 03/16/05 08:09 AM Re: Barred Rocks

I have Barred Rocks as well. I did have two pairs but lost two cocks and one hen in one raid last summer by a Coon. The one hen I still have is a great chicken and is the boss hen of the coop. She is one year older than the other 18 hens but suspect that one or more the NHR hens will rule the hens soon as they're a little more aggresive than the PBR or my Cochin hens. I recently purchased 6 more PBR's and have them in the garage until they can be moved in to the flock.


#49108 - 03/19/05 07:19 PM Re: Barred Rocks
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Yea I had 6 hens but now only have 4. They are very tame and come when they see me. I love them. Im thinking of ordering some more that way I can order straight run (25) and get some hens and roosters! My grandfather likes them too. He said they are as beautiful as domineckers. I am thinking of getting them too! Just wandering what chickens do you all think lays the biggest eggs? In white, brown and colors? What should I mix to get big blue eggs? Bigger than standard americaunas? I want some eggs that are blue they dont have to be pure just to sell to neighbors as eating eggs!
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