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#5124 - 08/28/02 06:09 AM Chicken Coops

I do not post often on this site (or any other for that matter), but I sure get a lot of useful advice for a newbie to the chicken world. I would like to share my experience w/ a suggestion that I had read somewhere. My coop is 12' X 12' w/ 6' walls and a ceiling peek of 8'. Although this is taller than the chickens need, it sure makes it easy for me to work in. I used a treated plywood floor that is raised 2' off the ground. My nest boxes, 18" X 18", protrude out of the back of the structure so that I can easily gather eggs (my hens wont be laying until late Sept). Currently I have 25 large breed birds in this space, but that will be changing to 17 when I cull out 8 dark brahma roosters (I have way too many, obviously). The suggestion that I have found really usefull was to build in a clean out door. This door is 18" tall X 6' long and makes it incredibly easy to clean out the old bedding. All I have to do is open the door and shovel the *^# out into my waiting wheelbarrel. The elevated coop facilitates this process also. If anybody out there is new to chickens, as I am, (or an old hand who is designing a new coop, but hasn't included this feature before), I would strongly recommend including such a door in your coop.

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It's a good idea. In fact, it is one that my grandmother used and I posted it on the old board. It is nice to continually review ideas. They may not work for everyone but for those for whom the ideas work, they work well. Grandma had her clean-out doors behind the roosts which had a raised platform with the roosts running about 9" or so above the platform. She had a long board screwed to a pole and would put the pole/board in through the clean-out door and rake the material into the waiting wheel-barrow and thence out to the garden. It seems to me that she would sprinkle some lime on the platform after she was done. I don't know if the lime was to reduce the odour or the flies or both, but it seemed to help.

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That would be great, to have a "clean out" door like that! It wouldn't work with my building but I have found that a snow shovel is a great thing when scooping up the litter into a wheelbarrow!


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Just when I thought I was done with the design of the coop someone has to give me another good idea!!! I do believe my husband will shoot me if I change the design again so maybe I ought to leave it as it is but thanks for the good idea!


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