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#52291 - 07/23/02 04:24 AM Re: Large vs Bantam.
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A male Polish doesn't have the vision problems that the females do because their crests are more open structures. But... those crests are very tempting to other birds so I would think that bantams would work better but it would probably depend on the breed of bantam. Rokimoto is right on concerning the egg size. My little flock is finally up to the small side of the medium range.

#52292 - 07/23/02 12:20 PM Re: Large vs Bantam.
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Oops! Sorry about the mix-up cochima--seems McMurray DOES sell bantam polish (white crested black) for some reason or another, I was thinking of the bantam sultan as the only crested bantam McMurray sells (not counting the Silkies). I guess my photo-memory isn't what it used to be... Anyway, I'm glad you figured out what "size" he is after all. As far as the picking of the crest, there is some spray made with bitter herbs you can put on to discourage pecking. I don't know where you can get it, though (a friend of mine had some). Maybe McMurray sells it. I'll have to check. Get back to you later.


#52293 - 07/23/02 12:41 PM Re: Large vs Bantam.

Oatman_99, the other chikens arn't picking at his crest, they're attacking him becauseof it ! He's just so strange compared to all the rest and that's why they go after him... the little barred rock pullet that I bought to be his friend is the only one that thinks he's normal (to a point! lol!) only because they grew up together, just them in a box, in the closet.

after all we've been through,I really hope I can find him a good home!

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