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#52463 - 10/22/03 04:44 PM Longtail chickens
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Im pretty fired up about these Phoenix. I began sitting in on Onagadori site about 8 months ago and became interested in learning all I could about these birds. Brian inspired me, you could say. I am gonna have to cut back on some other breeedings to continue w. the longtails.
I think I have gained enuff knowledge to speak at least semi-intellegently now but do have some questions.
When crossing the Phoenix w. another breed,a American Phoenix is the result, at what degree of purity is the American to be considered a Phoenix?
Is the only real difference between the Phoenix and Yokohama the comb type?
I M CONsidering putting my Phoenix male over a red pyle or lt. brn. leghorn remale. I think I could use the offspring in both Leg. and Phoenix breedings.

#52464 - 10/22/03 05:31 PM Re: Longtail chickens

I don't breed longtails, but a friend does, so I know a little bit about them.

I think that most phoenix out there are really mutts(at least in the US). I know that my friend is crossing a BB red modern to her phoenix to get the legs longer so that the tail and saddles will be raised a little bit.

As for the yokohamas, I don't believe that yokos' tails will reach the length that a phoenix does.

I would be careful about breeding phoenix to LB leghorn because then you could get black in the hackle which isn't really desirable.

#52465 - 10/22/03 09:44 PM Re: Longtail chickens
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Hi Rob,

The longtails are rather addictive, aren't they? I personally would not consider them Phoenix again at least until after they are 15/16th's. I haven't crossed mine with anything, so I'm not sure what the crosses would turn out like. I will say that any goal can be reached by breeding large numbers and establishing a strict plan that includes culling ruthlessly.

By the way, the Silver Leghorn, and the Silver Phoenix have the exact same color pattern, including the striping in the lower hackle.

Good Luck with your project.


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