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#52556 - 09/16/06 06:20 PM Re: Which is better?
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Sorry, I heard someone at a show call the points a blade and it just stuck with me for some reason. Thanks for clearing that up! It makes a whole lot more sense now. Who would have thought...the pointy things on the comb are called points! lol! Thanks! Today, I saw what you meant about the White Faced Black Spanish and how the Minorcas with alot of white face resembling them. Apparently, resembling them so much, that a bird that I know was a Minorca, was placed as Grand Champion White Faced Black Spanish. I figured the blue in the face should have disqualified this person's bird, but no. Rather, the judge (again...rather than disqualify the bird because it was in the wrong classification...) changed the classification and allowed a very, very poor representation of a Black Minorca take take the Mediterranean was very depressing. Thankfully, I wasn't showing, but there were a lot better birds that should have been given the honor! I mean, the bird's face was so swollen it was ridiculous! I've seen a WFB spanish, and this was not even close. The earlobes folded onto themselves and the wattles (just like you told me dhonour) were folding was so wrong on so many levels! For instance, the Brown Leghorn was absolutely beautiful! I was in love with that bird, but the judge decided it was not of good quality...I'm not too upset as my birds were not in the show, but when I saw a Dominique rooster with yellow, red, and black/green feathers taking Grand Champion American class, I figured the judge had no clue what he/she was doing and disregarded the entire show. I will definately NOT be entering the show again!

In further news...the older hen that lost weight when she was in the big pen did it again. After a week of having her in the smaller hutch, and another week of putting her back out into the pen, she has lost weight again. The pullet on the other hand has gained ALOT of weight! I'm so proud of her! Now, the hen is put back on probation and is keeping the bumblefooted bird company. They are both eating the same feed and drinking vitamin enriched water, so I think they'll do great together! can roost and the other can't! lol! I just don't understand why she loses so much weight when she's in the larger pen. Could she be anorexic??? The birds have too many feeders as it is and all of my birds are gaining weight except for her. Since she gained weight the first time she was penned up, I bet she'll do it again. This time, she's not getting out until she gets to the ideal weight. I mean, for goodness sakes, the 4 month old pullets weigh more than her!

Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can do for her? Has anyone else had this trouble? OH!!!! I got a Minorca egg today! The cooler weather must have helped! I'm so eggcited! (hehe)


#52557 - 09/17/06 06:23 AM Re: Which is better?
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Only you can decide whether shes worth the effort or whether she is one of those birds which we might describe as 'a bad do'er'.
Not being averse to a bit of sentimentality myself on occasion I find that chopped, hard boiled eggs are the elixir of life to sickly hens!
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#52558 - 09/17/06 04:10 PM Re: Which is better?
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I do not know what to tell you about the hen.Maybe she is timid and ends up on the bottom of the picking order.I have seen bossy birds stay at the feeder and chase away birds even though they are full themselves. Shows are a great place to learn,by seeing good and poor birds ,regardless of the quality judging. Dan

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