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#54379 - 01/11/07 12:16 PM Re: the tallest breed;-)
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This thread has got my curiosity up. I was thinking of using my sebrights and some seramas to see how small I could get chickens to be. Maybe throw some silkies into the mix so they'd have a nice personality. Now I want to see if I can create a new (gentle) giant chicken breed. Mix the biggest sturdiest brahmas, RIRs, langshans, Jerseys, what else? I know there are some super rare, really large chickens but I would just want to use more common breeds.

#54380 - 01/11/07 02:27 PM Re: the tallest breed;-)
John T. Offline
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Many predators will attack chickens when it is night. Even the meanest chicken cannot defend themselves from something they cannot see.

#54381 - 01/12/07 11:13 AM Re: the tallest breed;-)
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to that mix I would add : Sai Pans bred for height, Perdue broilers bred for size and wide breast ,Australops bread for weight . wink

#54382 - 01/13/07 03:43 AM Re: the tallest breed;-)
Joachim Dippold Offline
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so, after all those posts, are there any taller breeds than Malay and Brahma? Would be really interesting to know. Im not speaking of individual chickens but of the breed in general.

Best greetings,


#54383 - 01/31/07 09:45 AM Re: the tallest breed;-)
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Poultry records 1986
>"Guinness Book of World Records" 1986 special edition ,hardcover Page 58
>Heaviest Chicken
>The heaviest breed of chicken is the white sully developed by Grant
>Sullens Of West point California over a period of 7 years by
>crossing and recrossing large Rhode Island reds .One monstrous
>rooster named "Weirdo" reportedly weighed 22lbs in Jan 1973 , and
>was so ferocious that he crippled a dog which came to close and
>killed 2 cats .
>Heaviest Turkey
>The greatest dressed weight for a turkey (Meleagris gallapavo) is 78
>lb 14 1/4
>ounces for a stag reared by Dale Turkeys of Shropshire , England .
>It won the annual heaviest turkey competition held in London Dec.15
>,1982 .
So if you want to breed the tallest birds cross and recross the same breed selcting for the tallest for each of the tallest breeds then if you want to start a new breed ,cross the breeds together and select again until you can go no further . :rolleyes:
as far as size goes hamburgs are suposed to have roos that weigh 13 pounds .
As far as meaness goes ; some chickens are still bred for cock fights in some countries . eek
there is no ONE chicken that makes all other obsolete . wink

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