I would like to try and clear up the issue on how breeds with crests and the Crested breed should be labelled.

Breeds with crests should be just that, any breed (Rouen, Pekin, Cayuga, etc.) with a crest. These birds should be bred to the body type and colour that the standard calls for, for that breed with the exception that they have a crest. They should be labelled Crested White Pekin, Crested Grey Rouen, Crested Khaki Campbell, etc.

The Crested breed, however, should be bred to its own standard(7lbs/6lbs, nearly horizontal carriage, etc.), but come in different colours(White, Grey(mallard), Black, Khaki, etc). These ducks should be labelled White Crested, Grey Crested, Khaki Crested, etc.

Some of the time people sell ducks that are clearly "Breeds with Crests" as the Crested breed when they are know where near what the Crested Duck should look like. This has a negative effect on the Crested Duck breed becuase these "Breeds with Crests" are being shown and bred as Crested Ducks, wich in turn leads to less Crested Ducks that conform to the standard.

I have no problem with people breeding a certain breed with a crest, I think it expands the duck world that much more. I just want people to be educated on the difference between "Breeds with Crests" and the Crested Breed, so that you know what you are buying/selling and so there is more Crested Ducks being bred to standard.