Anatidae : Ducks, geese, swans, and their sub-families, inclusive.

Anatinae : The duck branch of the Anatidae family.

Anserinae : Goose branch of the Anatidae family.

Bean : A raised, hard, bean shaped protuberance on the tip of the upper mandible of water fowl.

Caruncles : The fleshy protuberances on the naked portions of the head, face and neck of the Muscovy duck.

Cob : A male swan.

Cygnet : A baby swan

Dewlap : A pendulous growth of skin under the rear of the bill and extending onto the throat.

Drake : A male duck.

Drakelet : Slang word for, A male duck under 1 year of age.

Duck : A swimming fowl with a flat bill. Any of a diverse species of wild or domestic water fowl. A female duck.

Ducklet: Slang word for, A female duck under one year of age.

Duckling : A young duck.

Eclipse molt : The more somber, dull plumage acquired by drakes after breeding season.

Gaggle : A flock of geese.

Gander : Male goose.

Goose : The singular of geese or a female goose.

Gosling : A baby goose

Keel : Pendulous skin suspended from under the body of ducks and geese

Keel bone : The breast bone or sternum.

Knob : The horny protuberance at the juncture of the head and upper bill in African and Chinese Geese.

Lobe : Either one or two folds of skin that hang from the abdomen of many domestic geese.

Nuptial plumage : Plumage acquired by drakes following the eclipse molt; plumage of the drake prior to and during the breeding season.

Pen : A female swan.

Scoop-bill : A concave depression in the top of the bill of water fowl, a disqualification.

Sex feathers : The two or three top feathers in the tail of a drake which curve upward and forward and by which sex in ducks is distinguished (except in Muscovy ducks).

Slipped wing : Applies to defects in manner of folding of primary feathers and carriage of the primary section of the wing. Individual feathers may over-lap in reverse order, i.e., over instead of under each other from outer to inner, or there may be a permanent tendency for entire section to be held outside secondaries instead of under; either phase or both is a disqualification. Sometimes referred to as angel wing.

Swan : A large species of water fowl.

Tuft : A knob of feathers on top the head of Tufted Roman Geese