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#56512 - 01/18/09 10:27 PM Lame Goose

I have a 21-year-old African grey goose that has become quite lame. About two months ago (when it started get cold) she began to limp a bit, and I thought it might be a little arthritis. She was still getting in and out of her pool and venturing outside to graze. Now she barely moves, even when her mate goes out; she sits by the pond and food, only moving if she has to. I have checked her foot and leg for any trauma--clean as a whistle. She will walk on it, but it is obviously painful.

Is there anything bacterial that could be causing this? I do have a vet who will treat geese, but I would like to rule out as much as possible before traumatizing her with a trip to town. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

#56513 - 01/19/09 07:24 AM Re: Lame Goose
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Congrats on having a 21 year old goose!!
My first thought is arthrits but I don't know if geese can be given Asprin like chickens can.
Have you tried extending the leg to see if that hurts her? She may have pulled/strained something.
If it is bacterial I think that her leg joint(s) would be swollen and hot.
If she was mine I'd take her to the vet. The only time my geese/ducks are lame is when they step on a sharp rock or the barn floor is too cold (like now)
Sorry I can't be of any help. I hope she feels better soon.


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