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#57149 - 12/22/03 06:20 AM east indies ducks
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Daphne, how critical is a white feather in the wing of a East Indies. There is only 1 white feather. I dont show but like to produce good stuff. thanks

#57150 - 12/22/03 06:51 AM Re: east indies ducks

It depends on a number of issues. Is this a male or female? Young or old? It is very common in Indies and Cayugas for females as they get older to get white feathers in their plumage. I've had it happen to young birds even as they molt into their mature plumage at about 8 weeks old. It is believed that those females will produce offspring with very good green sheen. Many people who show Indies will find themselves plucking the occasional feather in females, most often tiny ones around the eyes with tweezers! Sometimes you just don't bother rather than risk injuring an eye if the duck moves. If it occurs in a male, it is a very bad fault and the bird should not be used for breeding.

Some picky things to look for in Indies include the stance and color issues. The bird should look level when viewed from the side in a relaxed pose. Many will stand tipped up toward a stance like a runner. It is unusual to see one that stands tipped head down but it does happen occasionally. Another issue is color. The greater that green sheen the better. Top quality show birds will have that green sheen almost going to yellowish and even have the sheen under the tail and the tiny feathers on the bottom of the wing (not the underside of the flight feathers but the tiny feathers that grow on the limb itself). Legs should be as black as possible though the older they get the more they will fade to orange. Bills should be as black as possible without grey patches.

Just keep selecting young each year that get closer to what you believe is the ideal and you should keep improving all the time. Good luck! The Indies are spectacularly beautiful!


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