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#58562 - 03/11/05 08:18 PM Agressive Gander

I know how agressive one species of goose can be compared to another but one of my geese, named Jeff becomes a hazard at times. He never bothers to attack me or my mom. I think thats because he gave up trying to get at me, and I believe my mom was the one he saw at birth and not too mention handled most by. He attacks my younger brother and grandmother though. He rarely ever sees my grandmother, and when he does he'll come all the way from the other side of the yard just to get her at the back door. Its not as bad with my brother though. It concerns me terribly and we're thinking that we should adopt him out because my grandmother went outside recently and Jeff started attacking her vicously and caused her to fall backwards on the concrete part of the yard. He also tends to pick on my Grey Leg Zeb all the time. Sometimes Jeff wont even let Zeb come over to drink. Jeff is also the one of the two that tries mating with our female Mallard unfortuneately since it obviously looks like it hurts her and it pulls feathers from the back of her head. I want to know what your opinion on this situation would be.
Also I'd like to ask if having an agressive goose together with a fairly gentle natured can he hazerdous to the tamer? I raised Zeb very closely since the day he hatched and is generally a very sweet bird. I can tell that they seem to get jelous when the other gets attention. Jeff takes any chance he can take to get at Zeb if he even takes two feet away from me. You'd swear if they faught any harder they'd kill each other. Plus Zeb seems to hover around me a lot nowadays when I go out, and runs behind me like he's hiding if Jeff comes anywhere nearby. Is there anything that can be done? Or should we simply just adopt Jeff out?

#58563 - 03/12/05 06:17 AM Re: Agressive Gander
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best solution is to get rid of the bugger. Yes, he can kill the other gander.

#58564 - 03/12/05 08:51 PM Re: Agressive Gander

Good grief...sounds like you've got the terminator living with you. I agree with Rob - spare your poor duck (my gosh, of course she must hurt!) and watch out for your poor grandmother - old bones break more easily! Good luck!


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