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#59003 - 08/20/02 03:44 PM ducks vs. geese

Are ducks as messy as geese?? I am curiuos. And how often should geese quaters be cleaned? I was thinking every other day. I completly clean my chickens out once a week and was wondering in comparison how often gesse need to be cleaned.

#59004 - 08/22/02 12:13 PM Re: ducks vs. geese
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Ducks are messy, but not to the extent that geese are. I don't own geese because of this fact. Ducks are pretty clean animals, but they get really wild with their water (splash it all over the place, etc.) that it makes puddles everywhere and it mixes with their bedding, wastes, food, and you can only imagine... Geese are worse for the simple fact that they are larger and consequently require more water, food, and make more poop! (Have basically the same habits as ducks only on the larger scale). A lot depends when it comes to cleaning out their pen. The size of the area in which they inhabit, the number of geese, the size of the geese, and the type of bedding you use. My ducks only come in during the night and when it's raining. Otherwise they're let outside all day in their "pond". This cuts down on the cleaning and their pen only needs to be cleaned out once a month or so. (I use straw in my 15'x15' pen with my 12 calls). I hope this helps.


#59005 - 08/23/02 07:49 PM Re: ducks vs. geese

Thanks for the info. I am thinking about using a kiddi pool. if I put washed gravel topped with sand around it will this cut down the mud?? Also are sebastopals capable to splash as much since they can't fly and don't have stiff feathers?

#59006 - 08/23/02 09:10 PM Re: ducks vs. geese
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I saw a pair of Oakes sebs at the fair thurs. nite. They were kinda cute. Just not my style!. I wouldnt use the sand at the water hole. It would only get messy. Geese really dont need a bathng tub, a bucket works well and they stay clean. I do use a martar tub, about 2x3 feet. Holds near 25 gallons and needs changed every second day. I imagine the Sebs splash just the same as it is the flappinf wings that strew the water. If you are thinking of ducks also, bantam breeds do well on wire.

#59007 - 08/24/02 06:21 PM Re: ducks vs. geese

THanks rob. Hopefully after fair I will be able to go to look at them. I want to see them before I make a definate desision.


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