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#59625 - 08/14/05 05:13 AM where to buy flubenvet in US?
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looking for a wormer for our ducks and from what I've read, Flubenvet is the stuff to get. But it only seems to be available in the UK?? Is it just a difference in name?

I believe it contains flubendazole, but haven't found a waterfowl version of that to purchase, either. Have been told to get panacur (equine) and adjust the dosage.

I've also seen "Ascapilla Plus", which contains Flubendazole.

Any suggestions on what/where to get an appropriate wormer? 2 pekins drakes, 2 muscovy/pekin ducks, 1 muscovy/rouen duck and 1 all muscovy duck ... and 1 American Buff "Doose" who is convinced she's a duck.



#59626 - 08/14/05 01:38 PM Re: where to buy flubenvet in US?
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I looked at Merk's Veterinary Manual and it said nothing about worming ducks.

I know you do not want to use a wormer that has arsenic in it with ducks or geese.

Piperazine is a common wormer used on chickens, turkeys and pigs for Nematode or roundworms. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of piperazine only in swine, chickens and turkeys.

Below is an article published by the Food and Drug Administration. They mention dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, horses, swine, sheep, and cattle. No ducks.

All piperazine does is paralyze the worm so the paralyzed worm leaves the body of the host with the feces.

If I had ducks, I would go ahead and worm them with piperazine. I read a study in which the ducks were given piperazine and the ducks did not suffer any ill effects from the treatment.
I would follow the label directions for chickens.

Tim Adkerson

#59627 - 08/15/05 05:21 AM Re: where to buy flubenvet in US?
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The Fenbendazole, panacur or safe-guard here. Comes in a liquid form, I didn't know this and tried using the paste. Which is very hard to desolve in water. The wormer is usually in the goat sections (labeled for goats) this is what I was told to use to worm my peafowl. 3cc to a gallon of water. Here its in a 4.2fl oz. bottle and around 15 to 20 dollars. oh, its labeled Safe-Guard, the company is "intervet"


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