Ducks consume a little water - the rest is splashed all over the place. OK, so the temptation is to give them just enough to get by and minimize the mess, huh?


Summer heat & humidity bring on special needs for CLEAN water for ducks - and LOTS of it. This makes the difference between healthy ducks and diseased or parasite infected, sickly ducks. Ducks will work with whatever you give them, and make a mess of it, but clean water (and lots of it) helps keep them hydrated, clean and cool in the summer months.

We might have the luxury of Air Conditioning - just think of refilling that duck pond, pool or tub with fresh (cool if you can) water as their form of AC. A nice shady spot - tree, open shelter often serves as another resting & preening place after a cool-off bath.

If you want a little entertainment, just run the sprinkler for a bit during the heat of the day and sit back for a good laugh as duck after duck turns head first into the spray to cool off! Pulsating sprinklers are really interesting to ducks! eek

With adequate water, the birds will stay on the diet, stay nice and active chasing bugs (or in the case of Pekins, raiding neighboring feeders), and as a nice benefit, they'll look really sharp from all the extra grooming! laugh

Automatic watering systems are real time savers, you just tip the waterer over and that's usually about it - except the lines and supply tanks! Be careful of using bulk buckets or water sources that can hold stagnant water, possibly harboring destructive bacteria, fungi, molds, etc.. A good idea is simply washing out the containers once or twice a week with a weak bleach solution, and if possible, keep it covered to minimize dust and airborne 'junk'. Specific to automatic watering systems - watch those tubes for crud and alga, a little bleach rinse through the lines can flush out all kinds of ugly brown or green gunk. Anything exposed to the sun and heat can grow gunk, black or clear colored tubing, without exception.

Don't forget to rinse out what you bleach...
If it's miserable for you outside, imagine wearing a down filled jacket in the same heat and humidity!

Sprayers, the low volume misters can really cool off an area, but they still need clean drinking water.