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#60787 - 05/15/04 07:54 AM Bob White Quail dropping like flies

First time with BWQ chicks, and we're loosing them right and left.

A few didn't make it from the hatchery, we expected some losses.

Lights (white) are on, plenty of space, draft shields in place, environment seems OK. Temp is 95 under the lights, they're not piling up, but active, chirping, etc., like any other bird. Plenty of space to move away from the heat, or around the heat.

Set up a waterer, assorted rocks to keep them from falling in and drowning.

Feeding 28% game bird starter, they seemed to have a little trouble with it's size, so I crushed the crumbles to almost a powder - they're eating easier & more it seems. Those that didn't make it looked extra thin. We can see plump crops on most of them now & mortality rate seems to be slowing.

We have them on pine shavings...
My friend of mine says get them on wire and off the shavings, they're likely to eat it and die.

Are these really difficult or am I making this more difficult than it ought to be?

Our pheasants are going strong (5' away), eating and growing fine, normal as ever.

Another variable we're considering is death by fright?

ANY suggestions, ideas, criticisms, recommendations, are welcome, information on quail seems to be hard to find.

#60788 - 06/08/04 06:16 AM Re: Bob White Quail dropping like flies

Our 3 year old son was playing with them. ...OOPS!...

They are doing fine now, we moved them outside into a mini-hoop house, next to the pheasants mini-hoop house. Pretty good fliers for a month old!


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