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#60801 - 04/15/05 10:41 AM help, mean cock to hen(Lady-A)
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I moved my amherst to thier new pen. Its been one week in new pen. I have only had the pair a couple months. They are in my backyard 20 feet from bedroom window where I can see them. Well the male has been dancing and flirting continually, but yesturday I saw him on top of her yanking hard the top of her head, no mating. This AM she has a very red, bald head. If this is his way of impressing her I don't think it is working. And no eggs yet. They have been together for a couple years. Is this normal? I have never raised pheasant before. Prier to this her head was fine in the other pen. They had to be housed with a young pair of golden and I think the amherst was liking the golden too. Cold he be mad that the other hen is gone? The golden hen has been laying eggs. They are about 60 feet away from each other and can't see, but hear the others. Could the amherst have mated with the 1yr old golden hen and would her eggs be fertile?
Are silver private when mating? I never see the pair much together and she is laying eggs. I have put under a hen hoping they are fertile. This pair is an older pair that have been together for years. What should I do about the amherst male? I want them to breed BUT I don't want a hurt hen.

#60802 - 04/17/05 05:30 PM Re: help, mean cock to hen(Lady-A)

Amhersts and Goldens do hybridize and this isnít a good thing. Over their existence in captivity people have crossed these two species both on purpose and by mistake. However this contaminates the genetic integrity of the birds and shouldn't be done by anyone under any conditions. If you do happen produce hybrid offspring keep the birds for private use and don't sell them or breed them further.

As for the mean Lady Amherst male, some birds are just plain aggressive towards their mates. Make sure there are high perches for the hen to escape to and you may wish to add plants into the pen as a place for then hen to hide. You may need to find a new male if the problem persists.



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