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#60935 - 04/27/04 06:33 AM 28% of protein for game birds...?

When we did this stuff, we just threw el-cheapo chicken feed (many years ago, decades, really...). Things have changed with the specifically blended feeds.
Can someone please tell me what I need for Quail and Pheasants?
I've seen 18% - 20% - 24% and now 28% game bird starter, grower, flight conditioner - good night! - there's a blend for everything! This is getting confusing - what do I need at what stage?
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#60936 - 04/28/04 07:04 AM Re: 28% of protein for game birds...?
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It will state on the back of the feed sack what it is intended to be used for according to age. Starter feed for small chicks,grower for larger chicks,flight conditioner for non breeding birds reading for release, breeder layer for producing birds, maintenance for nonproducing birds.

#60937 - 04/28/04 01:19 PM Re: 28% of protein for game birds...?

I guess I was just as confusing as confused.

One place says game bird starter is 20%
another place says it's 24%
the last place I was at said it was 28%

all three places have "flight conditioner" at different protein percentages, same with "game bird grower" and "maintainer".

That doesn't make any sense - what do they really need in protein at what stages? alas... frown life was so simple when we had no choices.

#60938 - 04/28/04 09:32 PM Re: 28% of protein for game birds...?

Hi Runners,
I raise quail and the quail chick starter feed should be 28%-30%, my breeders/adults get 20%, the grower/finisher is 24%.

Make sure if your raising quail chicks that they get at least 28%. Chicken starter won't work on game birds.

I can't say what the feed should be for pheasants.

Good Luck!

#60939 - 05/07/04 07:57 AM Re: 28% of protein for game birds...?

Thanks Faro, I located a source for feed - in the nick of time. We just got the call that the birds we expected in late May are coming in on monday, two weeks early!

I think we'll start the pheasants on 28% as well, until I hear otherwise. What type of problems have you experienced that could be protien or nutrition related?

Any other feed/nutrition hints, suppliments etc., we should be aware of?

Good thing is - we're getting back into a diversity of birds (ducks, turkeys, quail & pheasants).
Bad thing is - we're really unprepared for either Pheasants or Quail, so our work load just doubled this weekend!

Build, build, build...


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