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#61096 - 05/22/07 02:25 PM Releasing Quail
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I just hatched a bunch of BW quail. I've been reading about them while incubating the eggs, but I have a question. At what age do you recommend I release them? I'm wanting to re-populate my property. There are some wild quail out there but not as many as in the past.



#61097 - 05/23/07 09:03 PM Re: Releasing Quail
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Tame bobwhites will not last long enough to breed if they are released. In most places it is against the law to release the tame birds as they will destroy more of the wild birds than they will help.
Tame bobwhites do not know what to eat or where to find it. They know nothing of predators and soon become a meal for the first one to find them.
Back when the govt. tried releasing quail to repopulate areas they considered it a success if 3% lived so if you release 100 birds you might have 3 that live until mature.

#61098 - 05/23/07 11:45 PM Re: Releasing Quail
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Good Morning Todd,

if you seriously and responsibly want to release your birds you have to make sure they learn everything they need to know to survive. This for sure is NOT possible by incubating the birds for starters;-) Talk to biologists, there are LOTS of things to consider and to do before you can expect any "success".

I agree with John, in 9 out of 10 cases itīs not only illegal but also iresponsible(sp?) to release ANY animal that doesnīt belong to where you want it released. But I also think if they were there in the past it sounds okay for me to repopulate today.

Also, before you even think of releasing animals you must make sure they have a big enough environment/territory where they can live in. Maybe you can visit some research stations and talk to the people there?

Hope it helps and best greetings,



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