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#61136 - 10/05/02 10:12 PM Cortunix and bobwhite compatability.

I have a quail enclosure, 6m X 3.5m and 2m high. The ground is covered in different types of grasses, and shrubs. At the moment I have 5 cortunix hens, but am looking at getting 2 more hens and 2 more males so I can start breeding them, for eating.

I have converted an old car trailer (not a caravan) into an above ground enclosure for the final 3 weeks of the quails lives, and have made a brooder out of a 80 litre plastic storage box, for there first 3 weeks.

What I want to know is, can I put a bobwhite hen in the breeding enclosure with the cortunix? (I have heard that they are territorial, but figure that one hen should be okay) I was thinking that maybe the cortunix male would mate with the bobwhite hen, and I could get a cross-breed quail (can this be done?)


#61137 - 10/06/02 06:51 AM Re: Cortunix and bobwhite compatability.

From what I understand, the 2 will breed successfully. However, I have always kept both breeds in seperate quarters. Be carefull with the are right, quail are very territorial. When I introduce the new chicks with the adults, I have to remove all the adults from the pen, and put them with the chicks in a different holding pen for 24 hours, then I move the whole group back to the original quail flight pen. It seems that after a day, they forget that they used to "own" the pen and thus territorial fighting is eliminated. The first time I hatched my own quail, I raised them to 6 weeks and put them in with the adult birds. Every one of the new birds were killed within 12 hours. OOps, I never did that again!

#61138 - 10/06/02 03:04 PM Re: Cortunix and bobwhite compatability.
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I don't know about the female alone, but my first pair of Bobwhites was placed in a 4 ft X 8 ft X 6 ft high cage and the male Bobwhite would systematically run down the Coturnix and kill them.

I don't know of Bobwhite-Coturnix hybrids. I have seen Bobwhite-California Quail hybrids. Our work with mitochondrial DNA indicates that Bobwhites are more distantly related from Coturnix than Coturnix are to chickens and pheasants. Even turkeys seem to be more closely related to Coturnix than bobwhites are.

#61139 - 10/08/02 08:08 AM Re: Cortunix and bobwhite compatability.
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My experiences with games are similar to Ron's. Games in general are very aggressive and dominant males will usually take on other males and attack them. This is especially a problem during the breeding season when such fowl as Chuckars, Gray (Hungarian) Partridge, and many others will fight all other males unless they are are physically separated in pens. Mixing ages and species is almost always a BAD idea! We had our best luck in groups of 25 or fewer birds with lots of cover where less dominant individuals could hide.

#61140 - 10/18/02 02:08 AM Re: Cortunix and bobwhite compatability.

Bobwhites are especially notorious for killing other bird types that they are mixed with. Never tried it myself but it is my understanding that bobwhite and coturnix are too far apart to interbreed. Your best bet is to keep them separate.


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