I am looking for some white or black tailed white Japanese bantam hens, or some Silkie hens of any color. Huge backyard with big garden, they will be spoiled and well cared for. I even have a retired Pyrenees who will make sure nothing ever harms them. Long legged Japs or Silkies with goofy toes are welcome. Hens only, my neighbors don't mind chickens but won't welcome crowing. smile

I live in the Texas panhandle. Can pick up in Amarillo or Pampa. I can also pick up anywhere along highway 287 from Clarendon all the way to Decatur, 380 from Decatur to McKinney, or whatever that highway is that runs from Gainesville through Nocona and on to Wichita Falls, the weekend of the 21st... going to see family over in north Dallas at that time.