Here's a recipe for you SuperBowl watchers that uses 1/2 dozen eggs. The "fudge" part of the recipe's name refers only to the shape and texture. The "Texas" part of the name tells the tale. It's really a savory cheese and chiles bite.

1 pounds shredded sharp cheddar cheese (3 bags--1 taco seasoned cheese, 2 sharp cheddar)
1 large can (7-8 oz)chopped mild green chiles, undrained
mild pickled jalepenos, to taste
garlic salt
dried chives
6 eggs
chili powder, on top

In 9'" x 13 pan, I put 1 bag (1/2 lb) taco seasoned cheese, + bag sharp cheddar.
Then add undrained can of chilies, some jalepenos, sprinkle of garlic salt, sprinkle of chives.
Top with other 1 bags cheese.
Beat eggs. Drizzle over the top.
Sprinkle top with chili powder.
Bake at 350o for about 30 minutes until eggs are set. Cool and cut into small squares.
Serve on small tortilla chips.

Actually, we don't get into to the NFL. (But are rabid high school football fans!). We'll probably be planting onions on SuperBowl Sunday. smile