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#61736 - 10/01/02 07:58 PM Thanksgiving Turkeys
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I'm having some of my BBWs and the extra Black Spanish toms done on the 11th. Our Thanksgiving is on the 14th, do you think that is too long to keep fresh? I usually try to get them done 48 hours before but I couldn't get a later date. Should I age them 24hrs. and then freeze them only to thaw them the next day? Ant advice is very welcome.

#61737 - 10/02/02 03:32 AM Re: Thanksgiving Turkeys
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I can give some avuncular advice. You must have quite a feed planned to have that many turkeys to prepare? If, as seems likely, these are prepared elswhere and cooled down, then 72 hours at 35F/1C degrees should be alright, at least they keep them in our Kroger's grocery meat counter for that long.

#61738 - 10/02/02 04:30 AM Re: Thanksgiving Turkeys
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I am always amazed at how freezing ruins the texture of turkey meat in the whole bird. I have never been able to understand why frozen bird tastes and chews like cardboard vs the fresh bird that is tasty and of an enjoyable texture. Method of preparation does not seem to alter this change to any degree. Those of you who have never had fresh turkey have missed a real treat. Chicken does not seem to have the same change in acceptability when frozen.
Just as an added point after a friend of mine got food poisoning from some some improperly handled turkey a couple of years back. When you thaw a turkey and it doesn't "smell right"...DON'T EAT IT....TAKE IT RIGHT BACK TO THE STORE!


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