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#62170 - 09/10/02 09:16 PM Re: First time
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I'm sort of afraid to write anything here because while I understand those of you who have the strength to "cull" your own flocks, I just don't think I can do it. So Steve, you have my heart felt sympathy.
I have 7 cockerels (29 pullets) and from all the rooster stories on this board, I worry every day that my sweet boys will suddenly turn in to wild men.

#62171 - 09/10/02 10:09 PM Re: First time
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Thanks Leee. My book just says to do it before they reach the "stag" stage but doesn't seem to clarify exactly when that is, haha. It says that cockrel meat becomes tougher and not as pleasant tasting after they pass this point.

I've actually been reading up on caponizing, seems like an excellent way to go. It seems as though I then wouldn't need to seperate them from the hens as I fatten them up. Plus they wouldn't get gamey as they got older and larger. A nine month capon could get quite big from what I've read. Anyone experienced with the technique? I would definately have to get one of the sexlinked traits fixed into the population though, I wasn't so great at identifying all my cockrels at 5 weeks, haha.
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#62172 - 09/11/02 07:54 AM Re: First time

I bought Cornish chicks for the pupose of eating them. I have now had them for 5 months! We did eat one but that was because when I threw the chickens bread, the dog wanted it and killed one. We (I) plucked and cleaned him, my husband cut him up. I found that I didnt have a problem with the cleaning oor plucking, but I couln't do the killing or choping off extremities. Also, I ate very little of the bird. Maybe it is easier the more you do. I think you have to have it set in your mind what purpose your birds are for. I cant eat my pets! ...but I sure don't feel bad if it is a mean bird!

#62173 - 09/11/02 09:07 AM Re: First time
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Hey rob, I have a confession to make. I didn't realize something until yesterday. I say "Sorry (fill in the blank with hen, rooster, turkey, guy, etc.) about every time I kill an animal. I didn't even think about it until after reading your post. And I know that I have been saying it for years, because my Dad (according to one of my sisters) did the same thing. I know that he felt that if you were taking a life to sustain your own you needed to be respectful (he didn't say it in those words but by his actions). I guess I feel the same way. Funny how some things don't dawn on you until you're mature enough to understand maybe what it actually means.

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