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#62212 - 09/21/03 07:22 AM Noodles ....

We're getting a backlog of eggs here, not enough to sell, giving away a few, but thought making noodles would use them up. Does anyone have sure-fire recipe or method for making them? (I did it once wiht my Grandma about 30 years ago and I've slept since then!)

#62213 - 09/21/03 10:32 AM Re: Noodles ....
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Basic Egg Pasta Dough (Makes about 1 lb.)

2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
3 eggs

tsp. salt

1 TB. olive oil

1 TB. lukewarm water

To make this dough in a food processor, put all of the ingredients in the bowl. Pulse until the mixture begins to form a ball. Add a little water is dough is dry.

Remove dough from the bowl, form into a rough ball and let rest 10 minutes in fridge.

I then form 3 balls out of this dough. I put 2 back into the fridge and with the remaining ball I then split this into 3. (So there would be 9 balls in total using all the dough). Which each smaller ball, I run it through a hand pasta machine.

Was this the sort of recipe you were looking for?

#62214 - 09/23/03 10:48 AM Re: Noodles ....

You could also prepare omlets and scramble eggs and freeze them. You can also mix up the eggs and freeze them for later use. Eggs are very versitle.


#62215 - 09/24/03 12:17 PM Re: Noodles ....

Omeletts/scrambled eggs can freeze?

I thought about making "egg beaters" for my dad, maybe 2 whites and one yolk and freezing those, and making nnoodles with the yolks ... Good reminder about freezing!

Ratbird, thanks for the recipe, I'll have to try it!

I was thinking of a noodle making morning with DD and MIL ... when I did noodles with my Grandma seems like we made the dough, rolled it out, cut it real fine and let them dry on the counter. But I can't remember how many cups of flour, how many eggs, how much salt, how long it took to dry, etc.

This is the kind of project my mom avoided like the plague! (I don't know why, though.)

#62216 - 09/25/03 08:31 AM Re: Noodles ....

Sure, go to the frozen food section of your grocecers and look at the breakfast section, fronzen eggs , bacon etc by swansons, etc, frozen egg mcmuffins, eggs and sausages buscuits etc. Works great!''


#62217 - 09/25/03 04:38 PM Re: Noodles ....

Recipe from Granny

12 cups flour
12 egg yokes
pinch of salt

seperate eggs, measure egg whites. Use the same amout of water as the whites equal (ie. 1/2 cup whites = 1/2 cup water) Save whites for other use.

Mix flour, egg yokes, water and salt. Cut dough into 12 pieces, role out and cut into noodles. Place on dish towal, or old bed sheet and let noodles dry. Once dry, put into large ziplock bags and freeze.

These noodles are the best, expecially in chicken noodle soup laugh

#62218 - 10/17/03 05:53 AM Re: Noodles ....

Hey everybody,
Thanks for the input on noodles! We had a noodle making day with the kids and their Grandma. She said she'd never made noodles on her own before, she always made them with her mom, who passed away three years ago. And I had only made them with my Grandma, who's been gone a long time. So we sort of bumbled through the mechanics of it, but the noodles tasted pretty good and everyone had a good time! Thanks again for your input1


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