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#62782 - 10/04/02 07:50 PM Processing Question

HI laugh

A neighbor of mine told me today, that it is against the law for people to process and sell those chickens. I thought, I read somewhere, that as long as you processed under s certain amount the processing laws do not apply, but now I can't find that info.

Does any one know what the trueth is about this?

Craig wink

#62783 - 10/05/02 04:08 AM Re: Processing Question

Every state is different (unless you cross state lines, then the federal laws apply). Joel Salatin discusses this issue in his book Pastured Poultry Profit$. Here in South Dakota it is legal to process and sell to the public as long as you don't exceed 5,000 birds. Salatin gets around this by 'contracting' with the public. He sends out 'contracts' to his customers who 'hire' him to raise and butcher the chickens. The chickens belong to the customer from the time they are chicks and Joel Salatin is hired by these people to raise and butcher the customers' animals, so the usual laws don't apply.

You could ask your local county extension agent, although I don't believe the one for my county is all that knowledgable about things like that.

There are limits on what you can and can't do without a permit, but there should be a limit up to which you can sell 'from the farm' legally.



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